Brawl Royale

Присоединяйтесь к команде Battle Royale вместе с Brawl Royale Stars! Быстрые сражения с геймплеем звезд драки! Сражайтесь в одиночку на арене и сражайтесь с другими врагами! WASD двигаться мыши стрельбаЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ

Collapse is an instant game in which you must kill your enemies to earn points and be! THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD !. This game has a point system in which you compete against all the players to be the best, for every death you make you will be awarded 100 points, accumulate points and you will see your name in the leaderboard. This game is multiplayer online and you will play against friends or against people anywhere in the world. will be updated periodically in order to add improvemenЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ